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Anyone can get a Bud Light but you serve great craft brewed beer and we serve great craft brewed magic. When you host a BEER & MAGIC event you don't get your creepy uncle’s card trick or a quarter behind someone’s ear. You get experts in the craft of sleight of hand magic. We entertain your guests throughout the night making them stay longer and drink more. We make the beer disappear. We know you don't want some guy in a cape and top hat because your customers expect quality and we deliver the best. What makes us different than hiring a typical magician is we are a rotating tap of magicians so every event you can have 2-3+ magicians at your event and next time have a totally different batch of magicians that have been curated by our BEER & MAGIC Team. BEER & MAGIC has an endless tap of the most unique and creative magicians that will always bring people back.

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